Cure Insomnia

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Sally Stubbs has been a registered psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist for over 30 years. Her work is globally sought after.

She has developed this Rapha™ Audio Therapy System to easily reconnect your mind and brain to natural sleep rhythms.

There are 15 audio tracks effortlessly retraining you to sleep well and cure your insomnia.

Breaking the cycle of worrying which causes the tossing and turning and interrupted sleep.
What you will achieve is a good night’s sleep every night to uplift your mood and enhance your energy for work & pleasure.

Poor quality sleep – like difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, random wakefulness and early morning waking – can of course have numerous causes.

UK doctors say that at least 80% of Insomnia is caused by psychological problems.

My 40 day course ‘Cure Insomnia’ assists you to discover your solutions to have a natural healthy sleep pattern.

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